FAMESIFY Partners Accurate Media

A community platform initiated to connect, hunt and promote talented artists, FAMESIFY has signed a partnership with Accurate media.

About Famesify:
it is a formidable community platform catering to super-talented artists who have a knack to showcase their art in the most impactful way.

We give the most effective opportunity to artists where they can connect, network, engage and participate to show off their remarkable talents.

Famesify works hand in hand with the talents to create magic with their expertise in the most magnificent way.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to facilitate invaluable talents to showcase their art domestically and globally through competitions, live streaming, e-voting, and much more to make you acclaimed globally.

We dedicate our heart and soul to creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for genuine talents who struggle to highlight themselves.

Our Vision:
Famesify strives to build the mightiest membership-based artist community platform and TV station that brings up and promotes super-talented and transformational artisans.

The Problem Famesify is solving:
Finances, lack of opportunities, and awareness are the prime factors that most artists endure while exploring their luck in the entertainment industry.

Well-known and celebrated performers have outweighed the major entertainment platforms, eventually reducing the opportunities for new artists.

There is no online community made just for talented upcoming artists to showcase their talent the way they want, they want to sing, showcase their talent and compete on a live show.

The Solution we provided:
Famesify is a motif of our hard work and dedication to give the most impeccable opportunity to artisans through different mediums and sources.

We commit to facilitating and supporting the new upcoming artists and giving them a reliable platform to showcase their talents just the way they want.

From live streaming and networking to voting and competing online, we have unparalleled services that would give you a massive breakthrough in the entertainment industry.

The Product itself:
Our product is an online entertainment community platform where: Artists can compete, engage, and network with numerous other artists, enhancing their expertise.

We provide the most effective space for artwork sales and Auditioning.

Our community promotes talented and aspiring music artists.There is an opportunity to host annual contests through TV channels.
We provide the most advanced and unprecedented live streaming and an e-voting system.

Website: https://famesify.com/

Bolaji Muhammed Luqman
Linkedin profile: https://ng.linkedin.com/in/muhammed-luqman-bolaji




Famesify is a platform that is strategically designed to promote talented upcoming artists, Create Competitive Contests, Artist Connections, and Artwork Sales.

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Famesify is a platform that is strategically designed to promote talented upcoming artists, Create Competitive Contests, Artist Connections, and Artwork Sales.

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